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Pioneer makes future plans known

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Ageha Ito

Pioneer makes future plans known

Tuesday, January 11, 2000 in News & Info, Anime News. Leave a comment

In several postings both to the AnimeOnDVD.com bulletin board and on their redesigned web page, Pioneer Animation announced their plans for several of their titles in terms of release on DVD and next year's increased release schedule.

Fushigi Yuugi box 2 (episodes 27-52) is set tentatively for release on 8/8, partially because VHS masters of the series have to be complete before DVD work can begin. The new Sol Bianca OAV series (six-parts half-hour) will see a release in three parts (on 4/25, 6/27, and 8/22). Of course, the first volume of the Nazca TV series ships this week, and the Sailor Moon movies, El Hazard box set and the final Tenchi movie should follow shortly.

On the down side, The Dog of Flanders DVD, which has been delayed for months, is now said to be dub-only, and a version that was edited to remove some material thought to be offensive to Americans. Pioneer has not commented officially on this tid-bit posted on the forum, but fans are already balking at the price of $29.98 for a dub-only product.

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