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AEGIS Graphic Novel 3

Category of Manga Book > Manga/Graphic Novels > Aegis

AEGIS Graphic Novel 3

4.1 stars, based on 41 reviews
Publisher: Netcomics
Release Date: December 15, 2006
Media Type: Printed Material
Pages: 200
Author: Jinha Yoo
Language Format: English
Age Rating: 16+

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Genre: Science fiction
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Product #: 1600091024
UPC #: 9781600091025
ISBN #: 1600091024
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  • Jino and Izare's happiness at being adopted by the same parents is short-lived. They are thrust from the warm arms of new family into the desolate and de-humanizing training camp AEGIS. Izare's life is illuminated through a series of childhood flashbacks. What truths were hidden in the identity of Izare and Jino's "sister," those many years ago? Were Jino's anguished attempts to teach Izare to stand on his own successful? Was he able to keep his promise to protect Izare?

    Story and art by Jinha Yoo.

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