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  • Zero/Six Graphic Novel 1

    Zero/Six Graphic Novel 1

    $760 $9.99

    <p>At first glance Moolchi is just another shy, unassuming boy whose greatest talents are running away from bullies and binging on vitamin supplements. Then one day, seemingly out of the blue, Moolchi's absentee father sends him a most un..

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  • Zero/Six Graphic Novel 2

    Zero/Six Graphic Novel 2

    $760 $9.99

    <p>The mysterious but tough student Narutbae develops a strange obsession with the lovely Kanghee. Meanwhile, Moolchi's vitamins reveal themselves to be more than meets the eye. They cause a mysterious growth spurt that makes him taller a..

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  • Zero/Six Graphic Novel 3

    Zero/Six Graphic Novel 3

    $760 $9.99

    <p>Unseen dangers creep ever closer to Moolchi. Jong-E suspects Kanghee is the threat, but can't tell Moolchi the truth about his situation or who he really is. She challenges Kanghee, but discovers that the parasitic presence inside Mool..

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  • Zero/Six Graphic Novel 4

    Zero/Six Graphic Novel 4

    $760 $9.99

    <p>Kanghee is gone forever and her loss ripples through the school. Moolchi flees deep into the city; miserable, wandering lost and suffering flashbacks of his earlier life as a toddler. The memories of his early playmates frighten and confus..

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  • Zero/Six Graphic Novel 5

    Zero/Six Graphic Novel 5

    $760 $9.99

    <p>The powerful automaton called Number One holds a young girl hostage, and Moolchi must save her life by hunting him down within the halls of Ssangsan High School. However, Moolchi knows his power is limited. He ages drastically with every e..

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