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  • B. Ichi Graphic Novel 1

    B. Ichi Graphic Novel 1

    $852 $10.99

    <p>Most humans use only a small percentage of their brainpower, but a certain group of people called &quot;dokeshi&quot; can use a greater percentage of their brain to unleash special powers, given one condition... For dokeshi Shotaro..

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  • B. Ichi Graphic Novel 2

    B. Ichi Graphic Novel 2

    $852 $10.99

    <p>Shotaro continues his search for Emine in the I.C. Prefecture, but a careless comment sends him on the run from an angry kappa. Meanwhile, Mana is eager to enter the Robot Fight Tournament - sponsored by the &quot;Happy Factory&quo..

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  • B. Ichi Graphic Novel 3

    B. Ichi Graphic Novel 3

    $852 $10.99

    <p>The Fear Factory's Fear Robot is wreaking havoc in IC prefecture. Tool and Shotaro are badly beaten and about to get killed when who showed up but Justice Charisma! Meanwhile, Zuno and Asshi find Mana who is injured and unconscious. Th..

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  • B. Ichi Graphic Novel 4

    B. Ichi Graphic Novel 4

    $929 $11.99

    <p>Locked in a deadly battle with the King of Spin, Yohei must rely on his wits and the hidden powers of his Law-Abiding Silver Gun to stay alive, but NoFix has a few hidden tricks of his own. With the Fear Factory crumbling around them, Shot..

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