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  • BakeGyamon Graphic Novel 5

    BakeGyamon Graphic Novel 5

    $699 $7.99

    <p>Sanshiro's been knocked out of the game, but now the monsters that saved his life are in danger! Fue makes the ultimate sacrifice to send him back into the game so he can take down Demon Mask. But will Sanshiro have what it takes to sa..

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  • BakeGyamon Graphic Novel 1

    BakeGyamon Graphic Novel 1

    $619 $7.99

    <p>Sanshiro's chances of having an adventure are slim to none on his tiny island hometown. Until the day when a mysterious stranger invites him to play a game... Without warning, Sanshiro is taken to a reverse universe to play Bakegyamon ..

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  • BakeGyamon Graphic Novel 2

    BakeGyamon Graphic Novel 2

    $619 $7.99

    <p>Clearing each game with just moments to spare, Sanshiro meets other contestants who aren't as happy that he's succeeding. Mick will do anything to get ahead - lie, cheat, or steal. And he's out to take advantage of Sanshiro'..

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  • BakeGyamon Graphic Novel 3

    BakeGyamon Graphic Novel 3

    $619 $7.99

    <p>The battle begins in earnest as the final 32 are paired up tournament-style. With the playing field a mock Tokyo Tower, there's only one way to go... up! Sanshiro will now have to use his battle skills against the very people he wants ..

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  • BakeGyamon Graphic Novel 4

    BakeGyamon Graphic Novel 4

    $619 $7.99

    <p>Sanshiro makes it to the final four, but he's going up against some stiff competition. One challenger he'll have to face is the reigning BakeGyamon champion - the monster who created the game in the first place! Does he even stand ..

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