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  • Chocolat Graphic Novel 1

    Chocolat Graphic Novel 1

    $958 $10.95

    <p>How far would you go to meet your favorite boy band?</p><p>KeumJi was little late getting under the spell of the chart topping boy band DDL. Unable to join the DDL fan club, she almost gives up meeting her idols until she devel..

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  • Chocolat Graphic Novel 2

    Chocolat Graphic Novel 2

    $958 $10.95

    <p>Kum-Ji thought that she was willing to do anything to get closer to her favorite boy band, DDL, even if it meant she had to join a fan club of their new rival group, Yo-I But it is getting harder to deal with E-Soh of Yo-I, the only one wh..

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  • Chocolat Graphic Novel 3

    Chocolat Graphic Novel 3

    $958 $10.95

    <p>Kum-Ji just wanted to get close to her idol, DDL. She didn't even mind joining the rival's fan club, Yo-i, in order to see DDL up close, though it meant she'd be watching them from the other side of the stage.</p><p>..

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  • Chocolat Graphic Novel 4

    Chocolat Graphic Novel 4

    $958 $10.95

    <p>Kum-Ji thought they were going to Miami, but she ends up stuck in the smelly countryside! To make things worse, the water snakes attack her! Ah - the dream of the beautiful beach of Miami has all blown away! Moreover, when she open her eye..

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  • Chocolat Graphic Novel 5

    Chocolat Graphic Novel 5

    $962 $10.99

    <p>E-Soh can't take E-Wan's attitude towards Kum-Ji anymore. But what can he do? Nothing, especially when the girl says her heart's not moving towards him. Does he really have to give Kum-Ji up?</p><p>Meanwhile, even a..

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  • Chocolat Graphic Novel 6

    Chocolat Graphic Novel 6

    $958 $10.95

    <p>Kum-Ji tells E-Wan how she really feels about him - but why can't he reciprocate? Later, E-Soh and Kum-Ji have to go to the hospital - but who are they visiting? And where will D.D.L perform next?</p><p>Story and art by Shi..

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  • Chocolat Graphic Novel 7

    Chocolat Graphic Novel 7

    $852 $10.99

    <p>When E-Soh issues an ultimatum to Kum-Ji, she has to choose him on the spot or watch him walk away for good! Happy couplehood seems imminent for the two friends until former Yo-I fan club president Barbie makes her debut on the idol scene...

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  • Chocolat Graphic Novel 8

    Chocolat Graphic Novel 8

    $1937 $24.99

    <p>Just when Kum-Ji decides that it's time for her to stop clinging to her fantasies about rock-star idols like Jin, E-Soh, and E-Wan and come back to reality, Yo-I is hit with a terrible tragedy that leaves one of its members clinging to..

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