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  • D-Frag! Graphic Novel 1

    D-Frag! Graphic Novel 1

    $1007 $12.99

    <p>Kazama Kenji thinks he's a delinquent. He's got the look, the style, and the attitude to match; he even has a second-rate entourage of sorts. Deep down, however, Kazama is a good-hearted kid who finds himself and his loyal gang in ..

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  • D-Frag! Graphic Novel 2

    D-Frag! Graphic Novel 2

    $1007 $12.99

    <p>Kazama Kenji thought it would be easy to take over Fujou Academy - just beat up a few thugs and BAM, you're king of the school. That was before he crossed paths with the notorious Game Development Club, four psychotic girls who forced ..

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  • D-Frag! Graphic Novel 3

    D-Frag! Graphic Novel 3

    $1007 $12.99

    <p>Just as Kenji is getting used to being in the Game Development Club, he discovers that there's a member of the club he's never even met! Shio Hachi is a rich pretty boy who gets whatever he wants - and he wants Roka! Hachi immediat..

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  • D-Frag Graphic Novel 7

    D-Frag Graphic Novel 7

    $1007 $12.99

    Story and art by Tomoya Haruno.

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  • D-Frag Vol. 9 (Manga)

    D-Frag Vol. 9 (Manga)

    $1007 $12.99

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