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  • Dark Prince Graphic Novel 1

    Dark Prince Graphic Novel 1

    $1133 $12.95

    <p>Prince Davon murders boys whose name start with the letter &quot;A.&quot; The loyal retainer Lowry is summoned by the king to put a stop to it. Lowry assumes the prince is insane due to inbreeding. As he investigates he learns of D..

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  • Dark Prince Graphic Novel 2

    Dark Prince Graphic Novel 2

    $984 $12.95

    <p>Prince Davon flees to the kingdom of Ralstorm after his jealous brother Lor tries to kidnap Aeon, Davon's new love. But Ralstorm proves to be even more macabre than Davon's home kingdom, with a king who's obsessed with Davon an..

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  • Dark Prince Graphic Novel 3

    Dark Prince Graphic Novel 3

    $984 $12.95

    <p>Prince Davon yearns for a pure love with the peasant Aeon, but the dark forces that taint Davon's life interfere. Both Davon and Aeon become unsure of where they stand. Will they be lovers or adversaries?</p><p>Story by Yam..

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