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  • Doubt!! Graphic Novel 3

    Doubt!! Graphic Novel 3

    $871 $9.95

    <p>Another one of So's (Ai's sort-of-boyfriend) many ex-girlfriends shows up: Kyoka, a totally beautiful college lady. For the first time, Ai feels truly threatened, but she overcomes her doubts and decides to fight back. </p>&l..

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  • Doubt!! Graphic Novel 1

    Doubt!! Graphic Novel 1

    $774 $9.99

    <p>A shy junior-high anime geek undergoes an extreme makeover to become a high-school princess, but can she overcome her doubt? A contemporary tale of high school neurosis and psychological warfare at its finest!</p><p>Meet Ai Mae..

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  • Doubt!! Graphic Novel 2

    Doubt!! Graphic Novel 2

    $774 $9.99

    <p>Ai's gang - gorgeous guy-friend So, his best friend Kato, and Mina, a ganguro - gather at her place for a study session. But guess who tags along: So's ex, Chiharu, who's now a &quot;student teacher&quot; and out to get..

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  • Doubt!! Graphic Novel 4

    Doubt!! Graphic Novel 4

    $774 $9.99

    <p>As Ai begins her second year of high school, the influx of pretty freshman girls means fiercer competition for her boyfriend So's heart. The rising tension magnifies Ai's insecurities and she lashes out at the new students - could ..

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  • Doubt!! Graphic Novel 5

    Doubt!! Graphic Novel 5

    $774 $9.99

    <p>During a trip to her boyfriend So's beach house, Ai learns that his parents are pushing him to break up with Ai and date Sakurako, a girl they've chosen because of her family connections. Already uncomfortable in So's lofty wor..

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  • Doubt!! Graphic Novel 6

    Doubt!! Graphic Novel 6

    $774 $9.99

    <p>Ai's sometimes-rocky relationship with her boyfriend So has weathered many a storm and become stronger for it. But now that So's first serious girlfriend Shuko has come back into the picture, it may be a different story. So and Shu..

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